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Member of the British Complementary Medicine Association

Member of the Britsh Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) Itec Therapeutic Massage and Angelic Reiki Healing

Complementary Medicine Association Member

Jane McNally | Author, Angel Teacher & Angelic Reiki Master, Teacher/Healer, Inspirational Speaker

Jane is an Angel Teacher. She has been working with the Angelic Kingdom for many years. Her aim is to help people to connect with their own inner Angel which we all have and to develop their own intuitive guidance allowing them to follow a path filled with joy, love, peace and happiness, which is the Angel's ultimate joy for you to receive.

Jane is also visionary and gives guided Angel Card Readings to help you with any issues you may be experiencing or just to offer insight to you at this time in your life's journey. Jane has read for celebrities and professionals alike.

"It is my privilege to work with Angels; with this help I am able to help you too."

  • Learn to become an Angel Practitioner
  • Find your true calling in life and develop your own true potential
  • Create abundance, learn how to manifest your dreams
  • Learn how to heal yourself and others
  • Remove blocks in your body and mind to greater freedom and happiness
  • Feel and sense Angels around you
  • Learn to listen to the whispers
  • Develop your intuition and sharpen your senses

There is only one joy in life and that is having an Angel walk beside you."


Diana Cooper trained ATP, Member of the Angelic Reiki UK Organisation,
Itec dip APM, Ascet trained Teacher.

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